Stein - Handgemachte Musik aus Löbau
  Über Stein

Beginning and End

No one gave you security
No one wanted to hear you
You speak into the wind
Just for you alone
Many pathways through the day
None of them for you
In silence you follow your calling
Just for you alone

Once born here as the first, with only coldness as a gift.
You sought out a home, and found only yourself...

You live forgotten in the time
Unaffected by pain
You write your own book without a word
just for you alone
No feelings inside
No emotion on your face
But you have your melody
Just for you alone

You wander through bare fields, as the last of your kind,
looking only at deserted land,
no one believed you...


Now you stand upon a high rock
You spread you arms wide
Screaming out the loneliness
just for you alone
You world belongs to you alone
Unshakable is your castle
You have always had the sky
just for you alone

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